The main problem for beginners is to find the perfect theory/practice balance. For beginners and often losing players, it is better to devote the same amount of time to practice and theory.

For experienced grinders, the time for Live Togel Online Indonesia is calculated in a slightly different way – an hour of theory for ten hours of play. The more wins a player has, the less time he needs for lessons, but you can’t completely throw away the theory – you can always find white spots that need to be filled with knowledge.

The time for training and analyzing past games needs to be increased when the player wants to go up the limits. This in itself is risky, so you need a safety net in the form of repetition and learning new things. At high stakes, completely different predators live, your old strategies may not work here.

The grinder should study the contingent, and systematically find an approach to each opponent, check the effectiveness of new methods of playing the game. At sky-high limits, there are no chips, all opponents know each other in the avatar and, accordingly, know what to expect from their colleagues. It is very difficult to fit in here.

Poker professionals are advised to draw conclusions and conduct analyses immediately after the session played. If possible, use the program to collect and analyze game statistics. It is very useful and informative to review the most interesting and difficult distributions, to note all the nuances of the behavior of rivals on a “cold” head

It will not be harmful to participate in forums in discussions of parties with their participation, to listen to the opinions of other poker players.

A variety of poker programs and programs can serve as an addition to the training material – not all of them are staged! Remember, finally, that even professionals devote some amount of their precious time to training. Helmut, Negreanu, and even Brunson talk about this! Well, except that Bilzerian is completely confident in his impeccability)

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