How to determine the value of poker chips by color?

Watching a game of poker, you can see incredible manipulations with chips, admiration for the skill of the players, and the desire to learn these tricks. We will show the video with chips at the end of the article, and now let’s talk a little about something else. But, as you understand, it will be about poker chips.

Poker chips act as a kind of substitute for money, more convenient to use. Like money, they have different denominations The value of poker chips by color is their main difference. Currently, there are many varieties of chips that can be divided into amateur and professional. So, if amateur chips are made of inexpensive plastic or composites, then the material for the expert is exclusively ceramic and metal. Each of the species differs in color, article of manufacture, size, and weight.

Poker Chips Denomination by Color

The color of poker chips is a relative concept and may depend on the manufacturer. They can be from one-color to four-color. The most popular are tricolor. At the same time, there are generally accepted basic colors that correspond to their denominations:

white – 1;

red – 5;

blue – 10 or 50;

green – 25;

black – 100;

pink or purple – 500 or 5000;

yellow or orange – 1000;

blue – 10000.

Different types of poker use different denominations. A general rule can be considered that in tournaments, they use larger ones, in cash games – smaller ones.

poker chip value by color

Besides, chips can be sold with or without a denomination. The first option is preferable for beginners, in the sense that this will allow them not to be distracted from the game itself. Chips without a face value are more often used by professional players and have the advantage that they are practical – they spoil and wear less, and you can more flexibly distribute their face value by color.

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